Emily C Foster

Empowering science-based nutrition professionals in business. 


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Dietitian, marketer, speaker. 


Speaking & Education

Looking for a speaker for your next nutrition and health event? Look no further for nutrition innovation and inspiration. 

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Marketing & Confidence Coaching

Coaching women in the nutrition and health sector in marketing their small business with confidence. 

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Gain marketing clarity and build confidence. 


Hey there, 

You've got this.

You're a nutrition professional in business. First of all, good for you - it can be a rough ride out there... but boy, isn't it worth it?!

My name is Emily and I'm a dietitian, entrepreneur and marketer. I'm here to tell you that you've got this
As a healthcare professional and business owner I understand the complicated clients, charting headaches and that feeling of get more clients, get more clients, get more clients, that without forward planning can leave you feeling burnt out. Because I understand, I also know marketing your business doesn't have to be exhausting or dull, nor does it have to fill you with dread. 

I coach women, just like you; nutrition experts wanting to improve their marketing strategy and confidence.

If you want to...

> Learn how to put yourself out there for speaking gigs and conferences
> Learn how to get the most out of your social media
> Learn how to add webinars to your business
> Learn how to put a yearly marketing plan together so that it isn't a constant struggle to gain new clients
> Be a part of an exclusive Marketing Mastermind group


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Nutrition experts I’ve helped that are experiencing similar challenges to you…

Emily has been fantastic helping me to build my website. I had no experience doing this but she made it fun, built my confidence and really listened to what I wanted. I loved her creativity and flexibility. I would definitely work with Emily again, thank you!
— Andrea, RD from CancerNutrition.co.uk
Our 1 to 1 session was very helpful, it was so refreshing to speak with someone who is experienced in healthcare AND marketing...I feel that Emily really gets me!
— Paula Hallam, RD from Tiny Tots Nutrition
Emily was fun to work with and produced some fantastic results. My website looks great and I feel much more confident with my marketing plan.
— Taylor Widrig, Mermaid Fare
Emily is uniquely qualified to offer such a course (Glowing Social, 2018), being both a dietitian and marketing expert. Emily has the knowledge and expertise to take your social media engagement to the next level and assist you in implementing a marketing strategy to grow your business.
— Aleeza Rosenberg, RD

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