A little bit about the Nutrition Marketing Day

A couple of years ago I decided I wanted to dedicate a part of my business to helping other science-based nutrition professionals in business. I always saw an event day with other PR/Marketing experts as being a part of that but it never came to be until December 2018 when we hosted the first Nutrition Marketing Day.

“I’ve been on other business courses recently but it’s not the same when everyone is from different backgrounds. The NMD is unique as no where else do you get this kind of support specifically for the nutrition profession. The other speakers were excellent too. I have so many new ideas, thank you Emily and all the NMD team. ”

— Julia Wolman , MSc, RNutr

PR, branding, marketing strategy and social media are all incredibly important parts of a business whether we choose to accept it or not. With nutrition, health and wellness being such a noisy and competitive space it’s so crucial for science-based professionals to should loud and proud about what they can offer. The Nutrition Marketing Day is run by Charlotte Moore from SmoothiePR, Emma Hanton of Essentially Emma and myself (Emily Foster) to help nutrition professionals in business connect with each other, get inspired and ultimately learn how to better promote their businesses.

  • Charlotte will run you through exactly what you need to do to get noticed by journalists.

  • Emma will enlighten you with tips and tricks on lighting and styling to make your food photos look great in your own home. (Actually though, she is amazing at this)

  • I will lead a discussion on valuing yourself and money (ooh taboo😉 ) as well as basic marketing strategy for nutrition business  

We are three women who run our own businesses, are promoters of science and believe that you can have the successful nutrition business you want.

Find out more or get your ticket at www.emilycfoster.com/marketing-day.

“At the Nutrition Marketing Day, Emily and her team are such great motivators in helping you to take action and move forward in your role as a nutrition professional.”

-Anonymous Nutrition Professional