6 Lead Magnet Ideas for Nutrition Professionals

I love lead magnets (really, I do - I think they can add a lot of value to your current and potential clients when done properly) but I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes it’s easy to feel stuck when you need to create one. Below I’ve gathered 6 ideas to get the creative juices flowing for you with some real examples that may work for you and your business/practice.

1. Cheat Sheet 📝

Cheat sheets are great! They can take a complicated subject (errrgghheeemmm Nutrition) and make it a bit more simple.

Some more specific ideas:

  • Eating Gluten Free - What to look for on a label.

  • How to Better Understand Hunger Cues

  • The Basics of EU Food Labelling for Food Brands (for your food brand clients)

  • Counting Carbs while Grocery Shopping

2. Free Trial

Free trials work depending on what services you offer. The idea is that you offer a taste of a service or product you offer for a limited period of time to help people see that this is the right product/service for them. Some people don’t feel comfortable with this and I would caution that if you’re someone who isn’t good at setting boundaries to be sure to set clear guidelines out as to what the free trial entails before you begin.

Some specific examples would be:

  • Complimentary 15 minute “Meet the nutritionist” 😀 Intro call

  • Free 2 weeks in your members section

3. Survey/Tool

Surveys/Tools to get people thinking about their challenge, condition, etc. can be really valuable to people. It gets the cogs turning for your potential clients and can help them to view things in a different way 🤔.

Some more specific ideas:

  • Monitoring your IBS symptoms

  • Rating your hunger before/after meals

  • How are mealtimes as a family?

4. Mini Courses

Mini courses in the form of an e-course, videos or WhatsApp group can be a great way to get across much needed info while gathering people for your email list that actually want to be there! Don’t over-complicate this, keep topics simple, short and easy to digest (har har, no pun intended).

5. Quizzes

Everyone loves those personality quizzes… “YOU’RE A PEAR 🍐- HURRAY!”. In seriousness they can be a great lead magnet if you have a subject that you want to bring to life and make a bit more interactive.

Some specific ideas:

  • How well do you know carbs? (for your clients w diabetes)

  • The Gluten-Free Challenge - Test your gluten-free ingredient know-how!

  • What shade is your glow? Test your nutrition-in-pregnancy knowledge!

6. Competitions and giveaways/getaways

Competitions are great - just ensure that the people who are entering the competition are actually the same people that want to be on your email list (e.g. your ideal client). Otherwise, even if you gather 1000’s of subscribers it can be a big waste of time. In essence probably don’t run a competition where the prize is an iPad📱, try something similar to the the product(s) and service(s) you offer so you know the people entering are there for the right reasons.

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