Marketing and Confidence Coaching

Working with Emily has been a journey! She has provided a very structured, yet flexible approach to organising and implementing a marketing strategy for my business – including starting out in the world of social media. Emily has been there supporting me every step of the way with new ideas and skills that I need to continue to grow my business.
— Claire Fudge, RD I Nutricise & 4th Discipline Owner

Is this for me?

If you’re tired of working in the same clinical role, day in, day out. If you know you have a lot to offer food companies or clients but just don’t know where to start. If the work that you’re doing at the moment isn’t allowing you the flexibility you want to look after a family or spend time with loved ones. If you’ve got a vision of working in business, private practice or freelance and are dedicated to taking action but don’t know how to get going - then keep reading!

I take the approach that you cannot wait until "perfect" to launch a new service or website or to put yourself out there. If you are willing to give me your all and try your very best to make change and take action this could be for you. 

We work on:

  • Improving confidence with public speaking and education events

  • Building an effective marketing plan for your nutrition business (think seasonal strategy, networking events, etc.)

  • Plans to book conference and speaking engagements

  • Building structure, effectiveness and time-management strategy for your social media channels

  • Building Squarespace Website’s (if appropriate)

  • UK/CAN Change support - e.g. if you are moving countries and need a game plan on how to continue practicing as a dietitian or nutrition professional (if appropriate)

HOw do i get started?

Bespoke for every clients needs but within the following framework: 

  1. Fill out an application form below.

  2. We’ll get in contact about arranging the first session and answering any questions you may have.

  3. The session will be hosted via Zoom

All of our coaching sessions are via video conferencing. 

Who do you work with?

I work with (mostly) women in business who are science-based nutrition professionals (RNutr, RD's, etc.). Not to be discriminatory, but because this is where my experience is and therefore I can help these women the most. 

What is emily's coaching style?

I will be encouraging, honest and try to have a sense of humour with every challenge we will approach together. 

what is the commitment?

It depends on the coaching package you choose but they range from a 1(ish) hour one-off virtual consultation to a 3 month coaching package.

Coaching not right for you? Check out our mastermind and event links.


1 hour-1.5 hour 1:1, bespoke virtual session with Emily 

  • Client to fill in “business problem solving” sheet pre-appointment

  • Ideal for nutritionists and dietitians who:

    • are freelancing or small business owners and want to talk through a challenge

    • nutritionists or dietitians looking to change jobs and want to chat about business and freelancing

  • Note: recording of session is available if requested at the start of the session.

  • Note: the one-off problem solving session is not appropriate for marketing strategy as I need to have a solid understanding of your business before providing guidance. If you have any questions, please contact Emily.


2 hour 1:1, comprehensive, bespoke virtual session with Emily 

  • Discussion of strategies implemented that did and didn’t work for your business in the past 12 months

  • Reviewing and refining your target market (aka ideal client)

  • Review your social media strategy and refine for engaging more potential clients 

  • Reviewing your service offerings and refining for profitability 

  • Come away with a check-list of marketing to-dos to transform your strategy 

  • Worksheets are provided to be filled out pre-consultation

    *Note: This package is bespoke and will be tailored to your businesses marketing needs, therefore is appropriate for both new and experienced business owners.

  • An initial 1:1, bespoke Virtual Marketing Review with Emily (see Virtual Marketing Review package) 

  • 3 months access to the Marketing Mastermind

  • 2 x 45-60 minutes video calls with Emily

  • VIP Access and select complimentary tickets to Nutrition Marketing Day Events

  • Email access to Emily for disasters, emergencies and advice!

  • *Note: This package is bespoke and will be tailored to your businesses marketing needs, therefore is appropriate for both new and experienced business owners.